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Training Dynamics and Consultants Limited (TD&C) is a full service management consulting firm that specialises in Human Resource Management. Among the services we offer are occupational assessment, training courses and outsourcing services.

We work closely with firms that cover the wide diaspora of business including Banking, Finance, Manufacturing and the Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries to name a few. We also aim to collaborate with the public sector on a variety of projects.

Research and Development is a huge part of our work. To this end, we have conducted joint research with the Faculty of Occupational and Health Psychology of the University of Nottingham examining the psychometric prospectus of tests used in the Caribbean.

Occupational Assessment, is our area of specialty. We have over 200 internationally accredited tests in our repertoire (all of which have been validated and normed). Moreover, all of our tests are job and industry specific.

Besides personality, motivation and interest, we have tests that measure the eight (8) major occupational aptitudes namely, verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, mechanical, spatial, clerical, dexterity and sensory.

What sets Training Dynamics and Consultants Limited (TD&C) apart from the rest?

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