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In over 24 years of operation, training Dynamics & Consultants (TD&C) has evolved into a full service consulting firm offering the highest quality training programmes. A major factor behind our success is our methodology designed with you, our customers in mind.

Many organisations undertake elaborate training initiatives without realising that not everyone may require training.

Our approach to the training effort is one that recommends assessment first by way of job specific personality assessments to determine:

  1. Whether or not the respondents require training, face to face counseling, or some other intervention.
  2. The strengths/weaknesses of the group or individual.

The result is a highly effective group-relevant training course and not a board brushed “hit or miss” presentation

We offer courses designed for:

  • Management (Senior, middle, supervisors)
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Sales Staff

Courses are also offered in:

  • Stress Management and Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Wellness, Staff Well-being and Service Delivery.

We also develop courses to suit our clients’ particular needs.

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