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TD&C has assisted clients regionally in the assessment, selection and development of employees at all levels, across a variety of industries. TD&C offers some of the business world’s most sophisticated and proven psychometric tools that measure a wide variety of cognitive and work style areas. TD&C also offers an array of consulting interventions, leading-edge tools, analytical techniques and training that can promote the growth of key employees and advance organisational initiatives.

Hiring and developing the right people to perform the right jobs is critical in today’s competitive environment. Organisations cannot advance their corporate objectives without ensuring that the people selected for given positions have the skills and competencies needed to succeed in their assigned roles.

Markets change too quickly and competition is too fierce to risk the time, monetary and productivity losses of bad hiring decisions and inadequate people development strategies. The need for reliable and valid assessment instruments for the selection and development of people has never been more critical.

Information technology is increasingly being deployed for human resource management applications. Through our online assessment services, TD&C will utilise advanced decision-support, expert-system and internet-based technology that support client-specific systems and requirements.

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