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TD&C has assisted clients regionally in the assessment, selection and development of employees at all levels, across a variety of industries. TD&C offers some of the business world’s most sophisticated and proven psychometric tools that measure a wide variety of cognitive and work style areas. TD&C also offers an array of consulting interventions, leading-edge tools, analytical techniques and training that can promote the growth of key employees and advance organisational initiatives.

Hiring and developing the right people to perform the right jobs is critical in today’s competitive environment. Organisations cannot advance their corporate objectives without ensuring that the people selected for given positions have the skills and competencies needed to succeed in their assigned roles.

Markets change too quickly and competition is too fierce to risk the time, monetary and productivity losses of bad hiring decisions and inadequate people development strategies. The need for reliable and valid assessment instruments for the selection and development of people has never been more critical.

Information technology is increasingly being deployed for human resource management applications. Through our online assessment services, TD&C will utilise advanced decision-support, expert-system and internet-based technology that support client-specific systems and requirements.

Products and Services


Each instrument is based on extensive empirical research resulting from work with organisations of all sizes and industry segments. The recruitment, assessment and development tools used by TD&C fall into the following categories:

  • Ability Tests - The Ability Tests measure the skills and aptitudes necessary for employees to succeed in any position, and at any level of your organisation.
  • Behavioural Style Questionnaires - The Behavioral Style Questionnaires provide insight into whether candidates have the motivational and Behavioural characteristics to perform well in a particular role.
  • 360° Feedback for Professional Development - The 360° Tools generate critical job performance data from an employee’s colleagues, direct supervisors, and subordinates.

Technology-Based Solutions

  • Expert Assessment Software - The Expert Assessment Software used by TD&C administers and scores a comprehensive array of job-relevant psychometric tests and instruments.
  • Internet Recruitment Systems – The Internet Recruitment Systems used by TD&C integrate well-researched, defensible assessments with advanced Web technology to provide a faster, more efficient application and recruitment process.

TD&C also offers consulting solutions tailored to specific client needs. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises highly experienced psychologists, Human Resource consultants and organisation systems specialists drawn from our core practice areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Human Resource Strategy
  • Development
  • Performance Management

Creating the Best Person-Job Fit
Job-relevant tests and questionnaires have been shown to be among the most powerful aids for selecting and developing people at work. TD&C offers a comprehensive array of job-relevant psychometric tests and instruments designed to place the right person into the right job. Collectively, these tools generate objective and meaningful employee data, which is central to the success of organisations today.

The Cost of Selection Errors
The instruments used by TD&C for assessment, selection and development can maximise employee productivity and minimise losses from ineffective hiring, high staff turnover, and unfocused training initiatives.

The Benefits of Selection Measures

Putting the right person into the right job and encouraging the right development activity can enhance organisation efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Using objective standardised measures to assess job relevant competencies has been proven to be highly effective at ensuring the right people are in the right job.

About the Expert Online Service

Scores of reports and profiles are available for each test on the Expert Online System.

Participants in our Expert Online System will be able to conduct online testing in four main areas, namely:

  • Behavioural Assessments
  • Ability Tests
  • 360° Development
  • Career Pathfinder In-Depth

The tests and accompanying reports will relate directly to the level of the respondent in the organization. Hence a clear distinction will be made between senior managers and general, technical and non-technical staff and the range of difficulty of the job.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Testing Service

Database / Warehouse Storage Mechanisms & Backup Support
TD&C has three data centers two in the United States (Seattle and Virginia) and one in the United Kingdom – to back up and store data. In the event that one center goes out of service, the other two will continue to function. The systems operate six days per week (Monday – Saturday) but is taken down on Sundays for systems maintenance.

Tests of Integrity / Honesty

Through our behavioural questionnaires we are able to measure personal principles
which determine the respondents need to feel that the organisation’s work is sound and whether they are demotivated when asked to compromise ethical standard. It has been used successfully for screening warehouse managers and other person who work in sensitive situations.

Storage Facility

Generally we provide reports, not data. The data is encrypted and stored. If a client requires raw data, this can be provided but such requests are the exception.

Staff Training
TD&C will undertake to train all users. We also provide a help desk from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday.

Performance Management
Apart from the 360º assessment all tests have norms and percentiles against which performance may be measured.

Strategic Organization
The information received from test results can be analysed individually or organisationally thus allowing Strategic Plans to be drafted. This forms the basis of our Development Action Plan report.

Demographic Information
TD&C will be able to store demographic information for users of our website. Hence gender, age, title and other information collected over time can be collated for users.

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