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The Career Pathfinder is a new range of career guidance instruments developed to reflect the changes in the world of work over the past ten years.

Career Pathfinder – Indepth is a self-completion questionnaire designed as a practical aid to career decision-making. This instrument can be used to meet either personal or organizational needs. It can be used by anyone who wants a clearer picture of the possible career directions which suit their personality, their preferred organizational culture and the competencies they have to offer.

Career Pathfinder – Indepth is suitable for use by career guidance professionals and those qualified in the use of psychometric instruments to help provide guidance for any individual.

Career Pathfinder – Indepth main features:

1. Provides feedback on six (6) Vocational Interest Areas (VIA)

  1. People (cf Holland Social) – caring /supporting others
  2. Enterprising (cf Holland Enterprising) – leading other, commercially oriented.
  3. Data (cf Holland Investigative) - Working with information, organization tasks / projects
  4. Resources (cf Holland Realistic) – building, installing, maintaining physical resources
  5. Ideas (cf Holland Conventional) – working with concepts, ideas, theories
  6. Artistic (cf Holland Artistic) – creating, innovating, performing
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