Training Dynamics And Consultants Limited

"Giving you the competitive edge through people"

TD&C aims to:

  • Be the #1 provider of Human Resource Development consulting services in Jamaica and the other regional territories
  • Respond to the needs of the Jamaican & foreign business community
  • Continuously improve service delivery
  • Be on-time when producing/delivering goods and/or services
  • Adopt a customer-friendly formula in all our undertakings
  • Design, develop and deliver training interventions as appropriate and plan public training sessions Periodically, Market Research will be conducted to get a better understanding of the customers’ needs
  • Continuously improve methodology to deliver more advanced and culturally relevant psychometric services
  • Continue to develop consulting services to reach a larger clientele
  • Be able to provide more employment opportunities for ourselves and for all other companies with which we interact
  • Serve as a source of motivation to all those who come to us
  • Be accurate at all times
  • Be diligent
  • Be fair
  • Be pro-active in all our planning

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