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Sharon Pryce

Manager, Recruitment & Employee Services

Over the past five years JPS has engaged the services of Training Dynamics to validate our staff selection decisions through various psychometric tests. They have supported our staffing decisions for key positions in Customer Care, Marketing as well as in the technical field.

The tests and constructs used by Training Dynamics have been selected based on the key success factors for the positions in question. Consequently, when used in conjunction with other in-house selection methods, Psychometric testing has been found to be a reliable tool in predicting candidate suitability.

Dr Ainsley Deer goes the extra mile in that he not just packages and delivers a report, but takes time out (even while traveling overseas) to discuss his findings in his usual simple but effective style. Training Dynamics consistently provides quality on- time service, which together with the amiable characteristic of Dr. Deer and his team gives Training Dynamics the edge.

Cheryl Campbell
Human Resources Manager
(Northern Caribbean)

Global Directories (Jamaica) Limited, trading as Jamaica Yellow Pages, commenced using the services of Training Dynamics & Consultants Ltd. (TD&C) in 2006 in the areas of training, psychometric testing and, more recently, employee assistance programmes (EAP).  The company’s and company members’ experience, to date, has been quite rewarding.  We find TD&C to be a very professional company that is keen on high quality service delivery through an enabled, friendly, highly motivated and proactive team.  We believe that the company provides value for money and clients will reap a sound return on their investments with TD&C.

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